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healthcareprovidersdirect drugsAlthough many people in the United States may be of the belief that the country’s large drug problem is due to the authorities not being able to stop the flow of illegal drugs across the border into the United States, they are wrong. Yes illegal drugs do come across the border and they are hard to stop but perhaps the biggest drug problem in the U.S today is with the illegal drug methamphetamine (Meth) and this is produced in large quantities inside the borders of the United States.

So in reality the biggest war on drugs should not be against the foreign cartels but more against the criminals in the United States that are producing this once legal drug. The drug methamphetamine, in the 1950s was legal as it was claimed to be a miracle drug in helping people to lose weight but whilst it may have been, it was later discovered that it had side effects which were far more dangerous to a person’s health than any extra pounds might be and so it was made illegal.

As well as allowing people to lose weight though, methamphetamine also made them feel good and so when it was made illegal, as it was easy to produce, many people started to make it illegally to sell on the streets as a recreational drug. If the takers of this now illegal drug were to learn more about meth and the body they would see that the nice effect it seems to have on the brain, also causes them to become paranoid, irritable and even sometimes aggressive and that they may also start to suffer from insomnia. Although that alone, if people knew, may be enough to stop some people from taking the drug, the fact that it can have even more serious effects on other parts of the body may persuade others not to take it.

Today it is known that Meth is not only highly addictive but also builds up tolerance and so someone would have to keep taking increasing amounts to get any kind of feelings. It is also known to be responsible for damage to the kidneys and liver, the heart and the blood and can cause skin problems also. The severity of these problems will depend on how much of the drug is taken but even if taken in moderation, it has been known to result in death.

Although the effects on the brain may only last between 6 and 24 hours, the effect on the other parts of the body are more long term and can continue to get worse as more of the drug is taken. The many drug rehabilitation centers can help these addicts but first the addict must agree to visiting one otherwise they can be of no assistance regardless of how effective they may be in curing the addicts that attend. If you are an addict of methamphetamine, agreeing to visit a rehab center will be your first step in being cured from your addiction.